Promoting a Solar Future; A Sustainable Commitment

Our Commitment: To promote a solar future; a sustainable commitment

“"The sun produces 1000 times more energy than the world needs" (author). "Solar energy could meet 100% of global electricity demand in just 20 years" (Raymond Kurzwei).
"More than 1.3 billion people in the world - 20% of the world's population have no access to electricity" (Worldbank). "The cost of solar energy is almost on par with the costs of other energy sources such as coal and gas".

This is why FRV's mission is to develop stations that generate power from an inexhaustible source, the sun, to innovate while always respecting the environment:

  •  Because solar energy is cleaner and technologically feasible.
  •  Because it generates very predictable power and at peak consumption hours.
  •  Because it lowers dependence on foreign supply.
  •  Because it is up to 30 times less polluting than conventional energy.
  •  Because it does not emit greenhouse gases responsible for global warming (CO2) and acide rain (SO2 and NOX).
  •  Because it does not produce hazardous waste that is difficult to treat later.
  •  Because they have a long life, are quiet, simple and easy to maintain.
  •  Because they promote equality between regions and accessibility.

Our commitment benefits the:

Environment: FRV works on developing sustainable projects with the utmost care for the environment and a thorough impact study on each project.

Locality: Always based on stable and solid projects, FRV creates value through its activity in a beneficial sector for all society, by installing solar assets for an increasingly lower cost.

Sector: FRV drives forward technical agreements with the best suppliers on the market, always taking the best-tested, safe and efficient solutions and encouraging innovation..

Employees: FRV is convinced that we can work together and therefore create a work environment based on trust and motivation, focusing efforts on training and safety.